Sylwrap Pipe Repair Kit

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Designed to Repair Live Leaks


The Universal Pipe Repair Kit is WRAS approved meaning it is safe to use with drinking water.

Each kit contains Wrap & Seal Pipe Burst Tape, Superfast Epoxy Putty and SylWrap Bandage. Wrap & Seal Pipe Burst Tape stretches by 300% and fuses into a solid rubber band when wrapped over pipework, sealing live leaks.

The Superfast Putty is hand-kneaded and can be applied to the pipework to help seal the leak. It also removes step from joints to facilitate the application of Wrap & Seal.

The SylWrap Bandage is then applied over the top of the Wrap & Seal and the Superfast Putty, providing a fast, effective and permanent repair. The kit resists pressure up to 30bar and temperatures of 200ºC and it can be used on pipes carrying hot and cold water and chemicals.

  • Offers a low-cost alternative to replacing pipes
  • Easy to use and repairs leaks inside of 30 minutes
  • Increases pressure resistance
  • Improves longevity and chemical resistance of pipes

Allows for permanent fixes to be carried out on pipes, even where the pressure cannot be turned off!

Typical applications:

  • Repairs leaking joints, pinhole leaks and cracks
  • WRAS approved so safe to use with drinking water
  • Resistant to water, chemicals and temperature extremes