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The 7 Minute Plastic Bond


Ceramic Brushable is reinforced with silicone carbide for ultimate hardness with the highest abrasion resistance. It sets to a glass-smooth finish to provide a low friction surface, reducing friction-related surface wear

A solvent-free, low friction, ceramic-filled, brushable epoxy for protecting and sealing new or repaired surfaces from abrasion, cavitation, erosion and pitting.

Ceramic Brushable is ideal for the protection and repair of silos, chutes, mills, pumps, metal castings and tanks. It can be used on metal, wood and most plastics and provides excellent protection against abrasion, corrosion and chemical attack.

  • Ultra smooth finish reduces abrasion and cavitation
  • Comes in Blue, Green & White enabling two-colour wear identification
  • Extremely hard setting
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Easy to paint with a brush on roller

Typical applications:

  • Protect new equipment from wear and corrosion
  • Protect silos, chutes, mills, pumps, impeller blades, valves, fan blades, metals castings and tanks
  • Apply as a final protective topcoat over repaired surfaces
  • Applications requiring protection against corrosion, chemical attack and surface abrasion