Our Approach





These are frightening possibilities, but are they inevitable? We believe that you can minimize downtime in your operations through smart preparation, prolonging the lifespan of your machinery, and having an action plan for emergencies.

Haul down high costs with

The science of planned maintenance

We supply a wide range of specialized UK, Europe & USA manufactured Repair & Maintenance products. Our suppliers are world-renowned manufacturers and are obligated to ensure quality and availability of stock of the product ranges that we market. Sylmasta UK & Rustoleum are all ISO Certified Companies

Soaring equipment prices

Building costs

Specialist labour

Uncontrollable budgets

With practical solutions from products that

Produce easier, permanent repairs

Minimise stock surpluses

Can be applied by unskilled labour

Easy to carry / quick to apply

Our 3 Step Approach


During an appointment we analyze your repair needs of your operations


We advise on best preparation and practices to get desired result


For peace of mind, we are always available to discuss the repair