Emacs Applications in Mining

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Extracting wealth for the nation

How Emacs helps the mining industry

Heavy-duty extraction and processing in a hostile environment calls for robust and reliable maintenance. Downtime in a mine or quarry can cost a company (and an economy) millions! The Terotechnology favoured by Emacs allows materials to be kept on-site for ‘on the spot’ servicing. Over 100 mines and quarries around Southern Africa have turned to Emacs for guidance on planned maintenance to pre-empt and mitigate potential disasters.

For Applications like:

  • Protecting crushing plants
  • Coating chutes on crushers
  • Stripped threads on hydraulic rams
  • Repairing belt clips, conveyor belts, and sealing conveyor clip joints
  • Burst pipes and Pipe repairs
  • Rebuilding shaft threads
  • Sealing diesel tanks and leak repairs
  • Repairing split tyres and cracked casings
  • Scored rams and radiator necks
  • Crushed door gaskets
  • Repairs to rubber lined impeller pumps
  • Rebuilding centrifuges
  • Penetrating seized parts

Products like:

Industrial Metal, Titanium Supergrade, Liquid Metal, Q-Free (and more) are used universally in quarry repairs.