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The backbone of the nation

How Emacs helps manufacturers

Downtime for manufacturers leads to backlogs and delays. A failure to meet a deadline will have a knock-on effect elsewhere in production or in the supply chain of the business (or other businesses by extension). The tried and trusted science of planned maintenance can help cut costs dramatically, especially when combined with the safety net of knowing emergency repairs can safely be dealt with by a small, standby stock of Emacs solutions.

For Applications like:

  • Worn shafts, keyways, splines
  • Makes good damaged threads
  • Non-slip tank tops, ramps, stairways & walkways
  • Hostile water environments
  • Anti-corrosion Rust reformers, primers, and enamel finishing coats
  • Fills scores & replaces Shims
  • Repairs wear of bushes & bearings
  • Rapid curing repairs to metal, aluminium, wood, fibreglass, concrete, and ceramics
  • Noise reduction where two hard surfaces come into contact

Products like:

Instant Metal, Testrite, Rust-Oleum, Wet Grease, Steelstick (and more) are commonly applied in manufacturing.