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Hotel & Leisure

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How Emacs helps the Hotel & Leisure industry

It goes without saying that the hotel and leisure industry has some of the most demanding customers: seconds can feel like minutes, minutes can feel like hours and a problem not solved can lead to bad impression or review which can be difficult to recover from. Maintaining standards is paramount and Emacs is proud to have helped many hotels, clubs, and other leisure outlets across the region save money with fast-acting, reliable products.

For Applications like:

  • Pipe / tank repair without turning off water supply
  • Seal shower trays and basins
  • Non-slip finishing to various floors keeping guests and staff safe
  • Leaking skylights
  • Quick roof repairs
  • Sealing & insulating of electrical fittings
  • Emergency repairs to metal / wood / concrete etc
  • Restore original “fit” to lose bearings, bushes, damaged threads, and more.
  • Safe lubrication of grass cutting machinery

Products like:

Wetstick, Flexrite, Testrite, Instant Metal (and more) are kept to reduce costs and maintain the high standards held in the hotel & leisure industry.