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Food & Beverage

Production, processing and distribution of edible goods for the nation

How Emacs helps the Food & Beverage industry

Health and safety are of critical importance in the Food & Beverage Industry. Maintaining a hygienic processing environment allows manufacturers and businesses to operate with peace-of-mind knowing that their customers are going to be safe and satisfied with the product. Emacs’ flagship Food Safe & Waterproof Grease is repeatedly used in 100’s of environments where accidental food contact may occur during the repair process.

For Applications like:

  • Corroded or pin-holed areas
  • Oil coolers, fuel tank repairs
  • Repairs in very wet conditions
  • Sealing glass to glass, glass to aluminium and metal sealing
  • Butt & channel glazing
  • Pumps, impellers, water box ends
  • Refrigeration and hygiene sealing
  • Workshops & laminated panel sealing
  • Applications requiring protection against corrosion and chemical attack
  • Anchoring of bolts into concrete
  • Non-slip ramps, stairs, walkways etc

Products like:

Food safe grease, Flexrite, Testrite, Liquid Metal, Rust-Oleum (and more) are trusted solutions in the food & beverage industry.