Emacs Applications in Containing Water

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Containing Water

Safe supply and handling of the nation’s most important substance

How Emacs helps with containing water

Working with one of the earth’s most precious resources needs to be carefully managed, in particular, with our region’s drought-prone climate. Containing water safely, hygienically, and with minimal waste is essential for day-to-day life and business operations. Avoid obstacles and interruptions to your water supply (and usage) with a range of WRAS approved products sure to ‘plug’ your water maintenance leaks and losses!

For Applications like:

  • Instant repairs to pipe leaks where pressure cannot be turned off
  • Pipe repairs on water supply lines
  • Emergency repairs to metal / wood / concrete etc
  • Grease requirements in hostile water
  • Emergency repairs and high voltage cable insulation
  • Pinhole leaks, cracks or splits
  • Flexible rubber repairs on cables, belts etc
  • Applications requiring protection against corrosion and chemical attack

Products like:

Sylwrap, Rubber Tape, Wet Grease, Rust-Oleum, Wetstick, Flexrite (and more) have a diverse range of water-based solutions to save your water bill.