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Cultivating and feeding the nation

How Emacs helps the agriculture industry

They say “a farmer’s work is never done” and it couldn’t be truer for farmers in Southern Africa. The majority of agricultural practice takes place out of city centres and industrial hubs making technical expertise and spare parts difficult to come by. With a wide range of quick and flexible applications, the Emacs range of products is easily incorporated into general use, saving farmers from expensive repairs and unnecessary time-wasting trips.

For Applications like:

  • Instant repairs to pipe Leaks where pressure cannot be turned off
  • Pipe repairs on water supply lines
  • Wear protection on mills & hoppers
  • Base plates of potato peelers
  • Emergency repairs to metal / wood / concrete
  • Sealing leaks
  • Cracked casings, threads,
  • Holed engine blocks, cracked vehicle cabs, rear axle housings
  • Sumps, pumps, tanks, valves • Superficial tyre wall damage

Products like:

Sylwrap, Industrial Metal, Q-Free, Rubber Tape, Wet Sticks, Flexrite (and more) are kept on hand by many farmers to save on their maintenance.