We bring tried and trusted solutions, that solve day-to-day maintenance problems, to these industries across Southern Africa

Mining Applications

The heavy-duty extraction and processing from the hostile environments involved in mining call for robust and reliable maintenance. Emergency products kept on-site for ‘on the spot’ servicing can save a company (and an economy) millions!

Over 100 mines and quarries around Southern Africa…

Manufacturing Applications

Downtime in manufacturing leads to backlogs and delays which in itself has a knock-on effect on the rest of operations! We advocate for the tried and trusted science of planned maintenance, which can help cut your costs dramatically.

Find out how to minimise the wear and tear of operation…

Agriculture Applications

The majority of agricultural practice takes place out of city centres and industrial hubs making technical expertise and spare parts difficult to come by. With a wide range of quick and flexible applications, the Emacs range of products is easily incorporated into everyday use.

Farmers can save on expensive repairs and unnecessary…

Engineering Applications

Over the years we’ve gotten to know and work in many different industries across the region. Where ever there is an industrial process, there is an application for one of our products.

Transport Applications

Zimbabwe and Zambia are home to some of the most unforgivable roads on the continent. Transport and logistics companies are always on the lookout for reliable products they can count on, time and time again.

We advocate for REPAIR – over REPLACE – to save…

Food & Beverage Applications

Health and safety are of critical importance in this industry. Maintaining a hygienic processing environment allows manufacturers and businesses to operate with peace-of-mind knowing that their customers are going to be safe and satisfied with the product.

Our flagship ‘Food Safe’ maintenance products…

Hotel & Leisure Applications

The hotel and leisure industry has some of the most demanding customers: seconds can feel like minutes, minutes can feel like hours and a problem not solved can lead to bad impression or review which can be difficult for a business to recover from.

We can help maintain high standards with fast-acting repair products.

Containing Water

Working with one of the earth’s most precious resources needs to be carefully managed, in particular, with our region’s drought-prone climate. One of the ways in which the loss of vital water can be prevented is by REPAIRING damaged pipes.

Emacs is proud to provide a range of WRAS-approved…