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You might be ONE breakdown away from a disaster. We don’t want to let that happen.

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A dedicated team of maintenance professionals, committed to keeping you and your machinery going.

High-end repair products

We supply a wide range of specialized UK, Europe & USA manufactured Repair & Maintenance products to all sectors of the economy, those being Mining, Food & Beverage, Transport, Engineering, Agriculture and Manufacturing.

We’ve been there for 1000’s of clients before, during and after the breakdown.
Sole Distributorship

Emacs in Agriculture

The majority of agricultural practice takes place out of city centres and industrial hubs making technical expertise difficult to come by.

Emacs in Mining

The heavy-duty extraction and processing from the hostile environments involved in mining call for robust and reliable maintenance.

Emacs in Manufacturing

Downtime in manufacturing leads to backlogs and delays which in itself has a knock-on effect on the rest of operations!

Regional Footprint

Tried and trusted solutions for industries across Southern Africa

The company currently imports its entire range of eMACS branded products from Sylmasta UK & Rustoleum Industrial Brands USA and holds the sole distributorship for the following countries in Southern Africa:
South Africa

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Before, during and after the breakdown

We work when you can’t. We work so that you can
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What our clients say

Having been in business for over 20 years, we know our industries. We’ve seen (and solved!) many repair and maintenance issues across all sorts of sectors. Here are some kind words from various customers who we’ve helped along the way:

Let us save you money

Broken. Cracked. Corroded. Worn. Sometimes this can be prevented or anticipated, especially after a site visit with one of our experienced Maintenance Consultants.

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